IDS [Intruder Alarm System]

 Home security is an issue which must be of a significant concern to everyone. Whether a person buys a cheap home security system or an expensive one he or she should see to that they are able to install as many security features as possible because they are now so affordable, it has become common to purchase.

The burglar alarms are useful in catching the burglars red handed at the moment of burglary. The moment the burglar breaks into the place, the alarm sounds and everyone will be alerted.

We “Dsecsolutions”, are the top installer and service provider of Intruder / Burglar alarm system in India. An intruder alarm system monitors and detects unauthorized entry to properties, homes, businesses alike and alert the property owner or authorized third parties to an intrusion. For electrical installers, the ability to offer customers the opportunity to have a protection system installed in their properties at the same time that other electrical work is carried out, can generate a lucrative additional revenue stream.


  • Securico
  • Honeywell
  • Texcom
  • Thinkx
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